Find semantically smart interests paths and conquer profitable niches with lower competition.

Why we built this tool?

In the world where attribution has become an issue and Facebook has lost a big part of its data, knowing where your customers are is incredibly important. Facebook knows what their users are interested in and interest-based audiences are still the best weapon to reach out to them if we don’t want to rely ONLY on Facebook algorithm.

We were tired of tools that can only show Facebook interests in a random fashion, only surfacing interests without distinctions.

We decided to give all advertisers the same technology that powers our smart ads at Nanos.

Nanos AEX

How It Works

Nanos AEX

Step 1

Input a seed interest or multiple seeds.

Nanos AEX

Step 2

AEX creates semantically coherent interests paths using multiple sources and computes them internally.

Nanos AEX

Step 3 (optional)

Connect your ad sets through our Facebook API integration. AEX gives you real-time suggestions based on performances.

AEX leverages NLP (natural language processing) and knowledge graphs to create coherent interests path to build profitable audiences.


Unlike ANY OTHER software on the market, AEX is able to understand the context of the seed interests and create a path to discover related interests revolving around the same topic or niche. See the example below:

Nanos AEX

Advanced Functionalities

AEX is not just a simple “interest crawling tool”.

Nanos AEX

From Google to Facebook

Connect your Google Analytics property, and map your best in-market segments to Facebook interests. AEX can also map your best performing Google Ads keywords to Facebook interests. 

Nanos AEX

Knowledge graph powered

AEX uses several data sources like Wikidata, Google Content, and Google trends to create and update paths.

Nanos AEX

Platform Integrations

Exploration paths can be applied to ongoing or new campaigns thanks to our full Facebook API integration.




Leverages the state of the art of Machine Learning

Semantical path suggestions

Creation of ad sets and auto-optimization

Google Analytics and Google Ads connection



No semantical analysis

No Visualization

No direct deep integration with Facebook