Get Ideas For Your Ads Headlines, Descriptions, And Text From Our AI

Why Did We Build This Tool?

While analyzing our funnel, we found out that most of our customers get stuck when it’s time to create an ad. Only a few of them were aware of the basic principles (the AIDA framework, the need for a Call To Action, etc.). So we decided to train our AI to give meaningful suggestions and sometimes even ready-to-use content.

Our AI Text Tool is different from the rest of text generation tools out there. We focus on advertisements and we train our engine specifically for that purpose.

We use technologies like BERT and GPT-3, and customize the output, in order to create effective messaging.

Nanos ATG

How It Works

Nanos ATG

Step 1

Input your product description or the URL of your landing page.

Nanos ATG

Step 2

ATG will analyze the content and create several ideas for headlines, descriptions and longer texts.

Nanos ATG

Step 3 (optional)

Create automatically new responsive search ads on Google Ads or ads on Facebook, from within our simple interface.

ATG leverages Deep Learning to create meaningful content for digital marketing ads. 

Most other softwares just reproduce what GPT-3 outputs. We offer an additional smart AI algorithm that customizes that output, following our most successful ads models.

Nanos ATG

Advanced Functionalities

ATG is not just any other AI text generation tool:

Nanos ATG

Adaptable To Every Platform

ATG can produce content of any length, to respect ads platforms’ restrictions. We currently support text generation for Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Nanos ATG

Active Learning

Nanos ATG module keeps learning from every successful input and campaign that runs through Nanos: exactly like a seasoned marketer, the system gets better every day and adapts new suggestions based on the most successful data.

Nanos AEX

Platform Integrations

The generated texts can be immediately used on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, thanks to our API integration.