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Automotive Industry Case Studies

Automotive Industry Case Studies

Being online is becoming increasingly important for businesses and it’s no exception for the automotive industry. External factors can influence direct trading. Digital advertising brings new opportunities for car dealerships. It’s an essential way of selling your product, staying in touch with your customers, and attracting new ones. It makes your business more accessible to customers, even in restricted times.

Nanos has shown to be very effective in selling new and used cars in different price ranges.

Let’s look at some of our automotive industry case studies: 


Case Study #1

Client or Product: a private customer

Location: Sweden 

Platforms: Facebook

Investment: €6

Why Nanos Likes It: The car was sold in less than 48 hours after the ad was published.


Automotive Industry Case Studies


Nanos AI showed impressive versatility in selecting keywords, even in the Swedish language, where it was not extensively trained. By choosing effective interests and creating a hyper-targeted audience, the owner sold the car in less than 48 hours, costing only €6!


Automotive Industry Case Studies


Case Study #2

Client or Product: a car dealership

Location: Germany

Platforms: Facebook

Investment: €16

Why Nanos Likes It: Usage of Nanos’ hyper-targeting technology to find potential customers, who are interested in buying a car in this price range.

Automotive Industry Case Studies


This car dealership in Germany decided to advertise one of it’s more expensive cars, a Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI, on Nanos. They invested just €16 to advertise on Facebook and were able to quickly sell. After they created and placed their ad in 10 minutes, Nanos’ technology worked to target those interested in this specific car, as well as having the necessary buying power.

As they didn’t have a Facebook Business Page, their ad was run from the Nanos page.


Automotive Industry Case Studies


The automotive industry case studies showed that Nanos works even with a lower budget, as the machine learning technology is able to optimize all aspects of the campaign, including budget distribution.


Digital advertising is important to grow your business. Go over to the Nanos desktop App, sign up and start creating your campaign for free! Once you’re ready you can choose your budget and run the campaign. Out technology will optimize all important aspects of your campaign for you! Maybe your campaign is presented next here in our Automotive Industry Case Studies.