Client: Saat Network – Peter Stevens

Category: Training Courses

Date: March 2020


Case Study – Training Courses

Saat Network, an international Scrum training courses provider.

As an online and offline educational provider for Scrum (Agile) courses, Saat Network is in a very competitive niche. Ads for Saat Network needed to be hyper-targeted to very specific audiences so that the ad spend is not wasted on audiences who cannot afford or are not interested in Scrum-courses. Targeting this niche takes a deep understanding of how online advertising works for such services.

Being experts in IT themselves, Saat Networks were encouraged by the premises of our Machine Learning Technology, which Nanos AI uses to provide cost-effective advertising. Saat Networks trusted Nanos AI with multiple courses and hyper-targeted prospects who might be interested in software educational tools similar to theirs and to those who would benefit from it the most.


What Nanos did

Saat Network placed a campaign on Google Ads,  Nanos AI then targeted very specific long tail keywords similar to “how to become a scrum master”, which had not been used in their previous attempts at online marketing.


First overwhelming results

By spending just 110 EUR on their first campaign with Nanos, they reached 2083.33% return on investment in the form of paying students for their Scrum Master course, at just 0.77 EUR per click on Google. Their campaign achieved these results in just 5 days.