Client: An international fashion brand

Category: Fashion

Promoting An E-Commerce Store On Facebook

Case Study: A Large-Scale E-Commerce Shop 


Our client, an e-commerce shop for clothing and footwear, decided to try out Nanos with the goal of stabilizing their Facebook Ads account and scaling it. They had previously worked with many of our competitors and other automation software, but ended up doubling their CAC with poorly optimized campaigns.

They started working with Nanos in August 2021. At that time their ROAS across all campaigns was 2.91. 

We analyzed their previous efforts and saw that their campaigns were not coherent with their acquisition funnel. Therefore we engineered a mini funnel with 3 phases and 3 campaigns, which was created for 3 products.


What does Nanos do differently?

Most software don’t involve any AI in the process of optimizing a campaign, they simply automate the budgets and the creation of audiences. This results in the client’s account being filled with dozens of pre-created audiences that might or might not work for the promoted product or service.

Nanos is different. We don’t automatically apply predetermined sets. Instead, our AI adapts the strategy with a living process, based on more than 100 signals. Our CBO (daily budget optimization) looks at the past seven days, not just at the current performances, before making any decisions.

First, our AI identifies the product and the category, looking for previous settings that worked for that specific category. Then our audience and keywords explorer act like a seasoned marketer, choosing keywords and creating new interest-based audiences.


The results

With Nanos AI, the e-commerce shop’s average ROAS across 3 products reached a stable 6.84 after only 20 days, with a projection of reaching 8 by mid-September. CPMs are 50% lower, and CPA for purchase events decreased by 40%. 

We are looking forward to launching the first multi-platform campaign for the customer where we involve Facebook Ads and Google Search simultaneously.



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