Client: An international fashion brand

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Promoting An E-Commerce Store On Facebook

Case Study: Promoting An E-Commerce Store On Facebook

Facebook and Instagram can influence how we think, shop, and determine our purchase decisions. While scrolling through our Facebook or Instagram newsfeeds, we are usually not looking for something specific. We are exposing ourselves to a mix of visual information: pages or ads. All of this information easily influences our mood, thoughts, and actions. If a user is already inclined to buy a certain product and then sees an ad promoting the exact product, this user will most likely click on the ad and might even purchase it immediately. That’s why it’s important for an e-commerce store to have a proper creative at the right time, for the interested customer.


Nanos has worked with an international fashion brand to improve their return on investment and fight the recent shortage of attribution data on Facebook.

Our experts matched the sales funnel with an appropriate strategy, and created several campaigns to address each step of the funnel. The system ran more than 100 different creatives, and our “Audience Explorer” tested over 30 different audiences in order to find the perfect match.


The main problem here was the upper funnel: getting cold traffic was very expensive. So our AI first found a way to drive cheaper and better converting traffic, to improve the CTRs and the conversion rate.

We then linked the upper funnel strategy to the middle and lower funnel strategies to keep customers in the loop, constantly reminding them to purchase the products similar to what has caught their interest at first.


The results were amazing: the average ROAS grew in less than a month from 3.4 to 6.7! The client confidently scaled up to a larger audience with a stable CAC and increased ROAS. Promoting an e-commerce store on Facebook with the help of Nanos made this possible! 


How did we do that?

With Facebook the key is to perform continuous testing. Our Audience Explorer leverages pre-tested dynamic templates and adapts them to the specific type of product.

In other words: it’s important to match the creative to the right customer, wherever they are in the sales acquisition funnel.


Was any human involved in the process?

Yes, we have screened the creatives together with the client. Afterwards the results were placed into our dynamic templates. These are different for each funnel part. Nanos AI was then free to autonomously evaluate the value of the audiences and manage the budget.


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