How to create effective ads for your business, including tips on visuals, SEO, and other tips to increase your online marketing success.

How to Handle Work-Related Stress: The Three-Legs Strategy

How to Handle Work-Related Stress

It’s still an open question when I was more stressed – now, while running a relatively small machine learning startup with just 10 techies and over 30 international sales partners, or in the past – when I was holding a senior management position and leading a research and innovation group at the largest entertainment company…


How to Do Testimonials for Your Business

Here’s a story about the most chameleonic man marketing has ever seen A few days ago whilst analyzing competitors I found a review paired with a weirdly familiar picture. I was quite sure I’ve seen that guy already, somewhere else. So I grabbed that image and used Google Images to find out where I could’ve possibly…

Advertising Budget

How Much Should You Spend On Advertising?

The first time running an advertising campaign can be a daunting and time-consuming task for any business owner. From trying to run ads on multiple platforms, which also means creating new accounts for these platforms, to figuring out an advertising budget and worrying if you targeted the ad correctly, it can all be quite overwhelming. At…