Client: Real Estate Events Company

Category: Events

Date: June 2019

Facebook, Google Ads

Note: respecting our client’s wish, this case study refrains from mentioning the brand’s name.

The real estate market can be highly competitive when it comes to a certain niche. Our client conducts events for the highly competitive real estate community in a booming real estate market like in Switzerland.

The Company already worked with a digital agency in the past but they were unhappy about the lack of communication and reporting between the Company and the agency.

As the opposite – with Nanos, our clients can always check, in real-time how their campaign is performing. We frequently update our dashboard and key performance indicators, as well as the budget and budget distribution between multiple platforms (Google, Facebook and Instagram) are being managed by Nanos algorithms automatically.

There were three goals for the campaign created by the Company: increase the amount of visitors to the website, increase the amount of conversions on the website (requests for a free entry into the events) and have more physical visits to the events (double the entries from the previous one).

Company’s overall budget for these three goals was $1200 USD /monthly.



After the initial learning phase our AI identified three main audiences that were perfect to expose their companies ads to. We had a good variety of images and text, so we decided to create various thematic carousels to test the best approach. Nanos AI algorithms adapted to Facebook’s AI algorithms in this particular case and quickly identified the winner.


Nanos first simplified the previous account’s structure to just 3 main ad groups. Second, Nanos AI tested keywords automatically and kept only the ones above a certain threshold. This way we were getting rid of low-performing keywords automatically, preventing the waste of client’s money. The biggest challenge of the optimization part usually is a creation of the negative keywords but, luckily, our algorithm has already reached high confidence based on the previous campaigns data so that Nanos optimization could blindly rely on it.


The company received 151 conversions in 60 days, +120% of visitors showed up at the live event and repetitive peaks of up to 800 visitors a day on the Company’s website.

% of users on the website over 2 months (same monthly budget)‍


% increase in conversions

% increase in conversion rate from Google Ads only