What Makes Huubsh Unique?

We are proud to introduce you to Huubsh. Huubsh is a brand-new and free advertising platform for businesses of all sizes. It is truly, the first democratic online shopping experience:  free to register to get your free ads going! No strings attached.

Huubsh is also a solution to the ad blockers challenge! It’s a well-known fact that more than 30% of people on the Internet have installed some kind of an ad-blocker. This can be very frustrating for brands who are stretching their dollars and cents to gain maximum visibility online, only to have disappointing results. Our parent company Nanos has figured out a way to overcome the challenges set by ad blockers.

All you need to include is a good-quality image that represents your business, a description of it and your website’s URL. Huubsh ads (i.e your ads) will be shown to prospective customers, even those with an ad blocker installed. However, this only occurs when customers are searching for products or services similar to yours.

It does not matter whether a product or service is being searched on Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo, in English or any other language, in your area or on the other side of the world.

I’m a Business Owner. What Can Huubsh Do For My Business?

Ideally, when a potential customer is looking for a fun pajama sets or accounting services, your product or service should appear on the first or at least on the second page of search results.

Get indexed in Google Images!

With paid advertising, your ads will be appearing on the first page. The caveat is, it’s only for a limited time, as it only lasts as long as your ad budget can pay for it.

The secret sauce is to appear on the first page as an organic, non-paid results. That would entail having very good SEO on your website content. If you’re not sure how to do it, there’s always a specialist to do this on your behalf. Which means, more costs for you, the business owners.

This is where Huubsh is revolutionary: it increases your chance for your business to be shown to the right audience, at the exact moment they are looking for your product or services! Huubsh has integrated SEO that works behind the scenes to “push” your business “up” on organic search results.

Huubsh Chat: Chat With Your Customers!

Ever wondered what happens to those impressions and clicks you see on a dashboard of your marketing automation software? What if you could chat with those prospective leads immediately and try to convert them into paying customers? With Huubsh it’s now possible to chat with prospective customers who are interested to learn more about your products or services, but reluctant to make a phone call.

Direct chat between the brand and the customer

What about GDPR?

Huubsh is a fully GDPR compliant platform. With Huubsh your leads are fully anonymous and safe. We do not collect any customer data for ourselves, nor do we monitor conversations within Huubsh platform. Customers can browse and chat with brands in absolute privacy and full anonymity. They only give away their personal information should they choose to do so themselves.   

What Happens To The Chats on Huubsh?

For convenience purposes, Huubsh stores anonymous chats locally on customers’ devices. The chat history is only retrievable with a special PIN, which has to be confirmed before the chat even begins. If PIN is not requested before the commencement of the chat, closing the chat window will delete the conversation.

Chats are protected by a PIN

Advantages for Business Owner and Huubsh Advertiser:

It is now possible to be more engaging with potential customers without having to go through various third parties for customers’ data. Huubsh empowers brands to have full access to their prospective leads, be more accessible in a meaningful level, while keeping their customers data private. 

What Else Can I Do To Improve Online Visibility?

When the time is right, give your products or services a boost with a Nanos Ads campaign, right there, on the same interface. No complicated transfer of data. No copying and pasting. All the ad content is good to go, supported by our artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Contact us at contact@nanos.ai for any questions you might have or visit us at Huubsh.com

Team @ Huubsh