Nanos is a do-it-yourself
advertising tool

Create optimized ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram all in one place with Nanos patented Artificial Intelligence technology

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Become your own marketing agency in 4 easy steps

No website, no Facebook Business page required

Online marketing should be this simple

It’s like having an agency in your pocket!

Step 1: Sign up at Nanos and tell us in a few words about your great product or service

Step 2: Nanos AI will suggest ad text, keywords, interests, and platforms for your ad

Step 3: Decide on the budget you want to spend, and how long to run your ads

Step 4: Log in to your dashboard and watch Nanos AI in action optimizing at lightning speed

As seen on:

  • Bloomberg
  • Handelszeitung
  • digitalswitzerland
  • Swiss IT Magazine

*No credit card required

The digital marketing superhero for every kind of business

Whether you have a physical store or an online venture, the goal is the same: to grow your business!

We understand that existing marketing tools may be too complicated and expensive. After all, not everyone is a marketing expert or can afford to hire one.

No website or landing page? We’ve got you covered!

A Win-Win Solution

At Nanos, we take the confusion out of online advertising. Nanos fees are transparent: we charge 17% of your total advertising budget, and you can pause or cancel your ad campaign any time. Any remaining funds get refunded to your account automatically!

Nanos has a proven track record for bringing in new clients for business like yours: restaurants, auto sales, real estate agencies, video game developers, online courses, and wedding planners.

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Nanos for Agencies

Are you running a small to midsize agency?
Looking for a tool to optimize your clients’ budgets and your own costs on managing the overhead expenses for ad campaign design, text, placement and cross-platform, keywords and interests optimization, and reporting?

Nanos for agencies

Success stories

At Nanos, we help make success stories one business at a time.

Nanos AI turns you into a marketing PRO

The finest technology and the simplest interface for laser-focused ads

Nanos powerful technology helps you craft a campaign with multiple ads and publishes them simultaneously on several platforms: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram.

Our AI suggests the best platforms based on your product. During the campaign run, the machine learning technology reshuffles your budget, discarding the lowest performing platforms.

Nanos technology also edits your campaign on the fly by optimizing keywords, bids and interests, all while experimenting with audiences. It’s like having your own agency, 24/7!

Curious about our technology?

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