Offer optimized search and social media campaigns
to your customers!

Nanos: Your smart and effective marketing automation software

What if there was a way for you to provide a simple, smart, time- and cost-effective solution to your customers for their PPC campaign needs?

Nanos is a campaign creation and management tool powered by patented machine learning technology. It helps your customers create highly converting ads that are constantly optimized – no matter how small their budget is.

It offers an all-in-one solution for cross-platform advertising. Your customers can create and place PPC campaigns to multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram from one dashboard, simply by following the instructions on the app.

Go from integrating your branding, colour themes, and logo to delivering a seamless silent authentication system for your customers – all within a week!

The Nanos white-label solution is completely customizable, allowing for the use of your logos, branding, fonts, and colors. It even includes the possibility of using a preferred payment gateway, which lets you continue invoicing your customers using the tools you are already familiar with.

Nanos AI white label solution

The digital marketing white-label solution
for marketing, PPC, & social media agencies.

Marketing agencies can provide a simple, smart, and cost-effective solution to customers for their PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns needs by integrating the white-label solution. None of this will involve account managers or PPC experts, and can be launched within a day of signing up!

The white-label tool saves your agency time and resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best
while providing a cohesive and intuitive experience to customers.

Nanos AI white label report generation

Save time by avoiding the unnecessary creation of reports. Export PDF reports and fill them out with your branding for easy and transparent reporting to your customers. Customers can access their campaign’s performance metrics in real-time, simply by logging in.

Nanos AI white label customization

Customisable UX (colors, logos, text, etc) ensure that your agency’s brand is enforced with every campaign the customers create.

Nanos AI white label AI engine

The Nanos artificial intelligence constantly optimizes the campaigns of your customers, and this optimization is also available for customers in real time in a transparent way. It can also work with very small ad budgets. This allows you to scale your business by catering to the complementary market of clients with small budgets that would typically not be deemed profitable. Nanos AI is the first marketing automation tool of its genre.

Nanos AI white label updates

The Nanos white-label marketing tool offers all of the features of the core product. This means that all machine learning improvements to are also available in your white-label software.

Nanos AI white label videos and articles

Get access to product-specific content, such as videos and articles, that can also be white-labeled and branded to be shared with your customers for a better onboarding experience.

Nanos AI white label fast launch

The Nanos development team will work alongside you to craft and launch an intuitive white-labeled interface within a few days. Need something more? We can create customized solutions to deliver the best experience for your customers.

Main features of the campaign management tool

With our digital marketing white-label solution you will have access to all of our core features as well as the ones coming up.

Nanos Cross-Platform Advertising

Automated Cross-channel advertising

Draft a campaign with multiple ads and publish them simultaneously on several platforms (Google, Facebook, and Instagram), from one dashboard.

Nanos Multiple Ad Format

Ad and campaign types

Our white-label solution supports traffic and conversion campaigns.

Nanos Placements

Ad placement

Your customers will have a range of different ad placements (News Feed, Marketplace, stories, search results and more), depending on the platform they choose.

Nanos AI Budget Optimization

Budget optimization

Our machine learning technology optimizes your budget by reshuffling it daily and discarding the lowest performing platforms, keywords, and interests.

Nanos Keywords and Interests Optimization

Bid, keywords and interests optimization

Our AI-powered technology chooses the best keywords, bids, and interests for your campaign according to specific campaign data, and updates them intelligently.

Nanos AI Text Suggestions

AI-powered text suggestions

Our technology suggests headlines and descriptions for the ads, based on the information about your customer’s business.