Our machine learning combines the best of artificial and human intelligence to ensure your ad campaign rocks!

Continuous Experimentation

Launching the perfect ad is hard, we understand that 😉

Finding the best audience for your ad is challenging and time-consuming. Nanos AI can do that for you. Nanos is not just a creation but also an optimization tool. Like any expert marketer, Nanos AI continuously experiments with your campaign, looking for the best audience to show your ad to. 

Nanos AI experiments with different audiences to target and optimizes your ad performance every single day. Every time we find a high-performing audience for your ad, we wait until we have a sample big enough to make a decision, and if we are happy with the result, we keep the audience targeting setup, or we look for another one. 

AI-Generated Ad Texts

Confused about how to present your business to potential customers in a short ad? 🤯

We have learned from our clients that the blank page syndrome is one of their biggest issues. Copywriting is an incredibly important element for the success of a campaign, therefore we created a technology to suggest headlines and descriptions for your ads, in multiple languages and for many different industries. Nanos AI generates original content for your ads that can be tweaked or used as it is.

How can we do that? The AI parses your landing page, and as an expert copywriter would do, it creates meaningful combinations to make your ad text compelling and attractive for your customers. Our technology synthetically generates these texts, mixing the text extracted from your landing page with other effective models and patterns. 

Nanos AI Engine

Visualization Of The AI At Work In Real-Time

We understand that compiling daily ad performance from different social media channels is a painstaking process. Yet modifying ad strategy regularly from this data is essential to performing well. 💡

Nanos AI automatically fetches this data and presents it in a clean and unified way – in an all-in-one, easy-to-read dashboard. Understanding data is a challenge that can’t be done easily without expert guidance. With the Nanos dashboard, we show the data in a way that even a non-expert can understand what is working for your ad and what is not.

We are also transparent about what the AI is doing. Every single action our AI makes is automatically visualized in the “History” tab, updated in almost real-time.

Automatic Budget Distribution

What matters most at the end of the day are results. 💪

We all know that and Nanos goal is to optimize every dollar our clients spend with us. Our machine learning analyzes the short-term performance of your ad and historical signals to forecast the best use of your budget. 

Depending on the budget, we work on the long term or on a daily suggestion. Some platforms can have better performances in the long run but since we also allow very short campaigns with smaller budgets, it’s important to allocate the budget based on the duration of the campaign. Our smart algorithm generalizes different platforms and compares them to a common ground, creating an agnostic and unbiased output.

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