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At Nanos, we help make success stories one business at a time. We aim to make digital advertising simple, quick, and cost-effective for everyone. Scroll through our case studies to see how Nanos helped businesses across different industries. 

e-commerce shop

Case Study: A Large-Scale E-Commerce Shop

Our client, an e-commerce shop for clothing and footwear, decided to try out Nanos with the goal of stabilizing their Facebook Ads account and scaling it. They had previously worked with many of our competitors and other automation software, but ended up doubling their CAC with poorly optimized campaigns.

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Promoting An E-Commerce Store On Facebook

Case Study: Promoting an E-Commerce Store On Facebook

Nanos has worked with an international fashion brand to improve their return on investment and fight the recent shortage of attribution data on Facebook. Our experts matched the sales funnel with an appropriate strategy, and created several campaigns to address each step of the funnel.

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Lead Generation With Google Ads

Case Study: Lead Generation With Google Ads

One of our clients, a leader in the DACH region for electronic components, wanted to lower the cost of their lead generation process on the main lead acquisition channel they used: Google Search and Display ads. They had previously worked with an agency and had an average lead cost of 580€ per lead.

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job posting case study

Job Posting Case Studies

A great way to find that perfect match for your company is by advertising your job offer online. Besides having a clear and informative job posting, you can increase your chances of finding the right person by advertising your job posting on social media platforms.

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Automotive Industry Case Studies

Automotive Industry Case Studies

Digital advertising brings news opportunities for car dealerships. Nanos has shown to be very effective in selling new and used cars in different price ranges. Let’s look at some of our automotive industry case studies:

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e-commerce and retail Case Studies

E-commerce and Retail Case Studies

Nanos has shown to be highly effective in advertising retail businesses with a range of different products, as it manages to leverage data from previous campaigns to create a hyper-targeted audience across many different regions.

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Nanos Restaurant Case Studies

Restaurant Case Studies

The following restaurants were able to profit from Nanos’ technology. Once they created and launched their campaign in just a few steps, Nanos optimized keywords, bid, interests, as well as budget and placement. See the results:

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Courses Case Studies

Case study, online and offline educational provider for Scrum (Agile) training courses, Saat Network is in a very competitive niche.

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