Client: Multiple Clients

Category: E-commerce, Health & Fitness, Children’s Books

Date: April 2020

Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube

Case Studies from e-commerce to books


Case Study #1

Client or Product: Hydromassage Bathtubs

Ad Industry: E-Commerce

Investment: $500 EUR

Why Nanos Likes It: Great use of long tail keywords to reach a niche market.


‍Nanos is amazing at helping people place straightforward ads, but our AI is also great for reaching very specific niches by utilizing long tail keywords. Nanos automatically sources keywords based on the text of the ad. Let’s take these bathtubs for example, they are in a niche market, and they are located in a peculiar country. Nanos AI showed an impressive versatility in selecting keywords, even in the Latvian language where it was not extensively trained. Our AI was still able to produce very effective long tail keywords and achieved a low cost-per-click (CPC). The ad was able to reach 218.35k impressions within that budget and our AI optimized the ads to take advantage of Facebook’s low cost per click in that industry, bringing the customer over 1300 clicks to their website. Whether it’s bathtubs or candlesticks, Nanos can help make your ads successful.



Case Study #2

Client or Product: Crossfit Saurus

Ad Industry: Fitness

Investment: $50 USD

Why Nanos Likes It: Great example of promoting your product at the right time.


‍Due to the current pandemic, most gym’s must now resort to online courses and engagements to keep their brands and gyms going. The good news is that, now more than ever, users are looking for fitness content. Here is another great example of leveraging “the right product at the right time”. Nanos AI was able to achieve a low cost-per-click and a high number of impressions resulting in a positive return on ad spend for our client, and another happy Nanos customer.

With just $50 they were able to drive 651 visitors to their website, and thanks to Nanos AI’s automatic keywording, each one of those visitors was genuinely interested in what they had to offer.



‍Case Study #3

Client or Product: Fluffikis e-books for children

Ad Industry: Children

Investment: 70 CHF

Why Nanos Likes It: Showcasing our amazing customer service and above and beyond attitude.


The goal for Fluffikis was to find out which platform and advertisement was the most profitable and would produce the most return on their ad spend. We call these campaigns “explorations”. We created Nanos especially for people with little to no digital marketing experience and are just starting out with their digital efforts.

When starting to sell online, one of the first things to understand is who your target customer is. We often assume things about our customers, but most of the time, the market itself changes these assumptions. Nanos is the perfect tool to find your audience, given its ability to invest small amounts of money into what is commonly known as split testing or A/B testing. A strategy in which you test several ads and then select the best performing ad to continue on with.

Together with the customer we tweaked the ads and gave a good overview of what the customer should be targeting to achieve the best results.

One of our strengths here at Nanos is our customer service. We are always available and willing to help you get the most out of our platform, this includes helping our customers find the best strategies for their success in digital marketing.



Case Study #4

Client or Product: Bembê Atelier

Ad Industry: Children

Investment: $100 USD

Why Nanos Likes It: Instagram profile promotion with support from Google ads

This ad is an excellent example of how Nanos can utilize Google Search and Display network together to drive a significant increase in traffic.

For the Display network side of things, Nanos intelligently placed the ad on high traffic blogs that fell in line with the brand: but also youtube channels in the same niche. This ensured that a large percentage of viewers were genuinely interested in the ad, resulting in increased conversion rates.

The search network achieved an amazing 9.24% click-through-rate (CTR) targeting a mix of very specific long tail keywords and broad terms. This was well above the industry average of 0.71% in the Child & Infant space.

As for Instagram Nanos managed to limit the cost for a single view to 0.04 granting more than 800 visits to the profile. Nanos leveraged Facebook’s audience creation feature on Instagram as well, making it possible to reach a very specific audience to improve conversion rates.

Looking at the results and analytics that came in from Nanos, it’s clear the ad was shown mostly to people ages 25 to 34  but…



…the click through rate was actually higher for an older audience. This leads us to assume that the message and creative of this ad were more suited to convert an older demographic.


Case Study #5

Client or Product: Personal Entrepreneur

Ad Industry: Coupon / Entrepreneurship

Investment: $20 USD

Why Nanos Likes It: Great use of video, and low cost per click.



‍The internet is a space without boundaries and when compared to advertising costs of the past, the cost of putting your business in front of thousands of customers today, is incredibly low.

This ad is a good example of how an online entrepreneur took advantage of Facebook’s low cost advertising to get literally, hundreds of leads.

Video is still the best ad format for getting leads in at the top of the funnel, especially when your customers don’t know about the product or service yet. Before trying to sell a product it’s important to raise awareness about it and make all the necessary information about it readily available to your potential customers. $20 went a long way for this campaign and sent over 1000 clicks to the website. The entrepreneur received 4,762 views on the video, each viewer watching more than 15 seconds, now that’s value!


Case Study #6

Client or Product: Animazul – Jewelry Product

Ad Industry: Fashion / Accessories

Investment: 25 CHF

Why Nanos Likes It: Great capitalization of specific dates to increase a product’s sales.

This is a great example of how quickly Nanos can help to promote a seasonal product, and take advantage of a specific day, such as Mother’s Day, even at the last minute. For Mother’s Day this jewelry brand created a last minute campaign with Nanos. Using specific keywords they were able to achieve measurable results in as quickly as 1 day using a budget of just 25 CHF. The results were amazing and sent 458 visitors to their landing page.



Case Study #7


Location: Switzerland

Platforms: Facebook

Investment: $20

Why Nanos Likes It: Client used Nanos technology to launch a creative campaign and generated a respectable ROI in return.


Nanos Case Studies


Baecker Hairlounge created and initiated a campaign through Nanos in only 10 minutes, while investing as little as $20 on Facebook. As the hair salon didn’t have a Facebook  page to run their campaign, it conveniently ran from the Nanos page. 

By using their own, high quality and creative imagery, Baecker Hairlounge created a highly visually appealing ad. Our AI targeted a specific audience, combining interests, demographics and page likes. The creativity of the ad did the rest. Ultimately, the salon had a great return on investment – ROI of 1128.5%! 


Collected leads: 36

Approx. earnings from the campaign: $860

Returning customers: 4