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e-commerce and retail Case Studies

E-commerce and Retail Case Studies

With the rise of e-commerce, the retail industry underwent some major changes. The biggest being needing to adapt to digital selling and social platforms. Furthermore, social commerce is a growing trend that affects how people buy and consume products and services.

This scenario also brings new opportunities for retailers. Allowing them to reach a broader customer base and increasing their wins. In achieving a high ROI, digital advertising is a key element.

Nanos has shown to be highly effective in advertising retail businesses with a range of different products, as it manages to leverage data from previous campaigns to create a hyper-targeted audience across many different regions. By constantly monitoring and optimizing essential parameters of the campaign, the artificial intelligence ensures that businesses get the best out of their budget.

Many of our clients don’t have extensive digital advertising knowledge, but with Nanos, they are able to create and place a campaign within minutes.


Let’s have a look at some e-commerce and retail case studies:


Case Study #1

Client or Product: Hulya Swim

Location: USA 

Platforms: Facebook and Instagram

Investment: $292

Why Nanos Likes It: Took advantage of consistency in advertising and effectively showcased their Unique Selling Proposition (USP).


Nanos Case Study


Hulya Swim is a conscious beachwear brand that invested $292 to advertise its brand on Facebook and Instagram for 15 days. By doing so, they were able to take advantage of Nanos’ full potential as the technology unfolds it’s full optimizing potential within 3 days. By collecting enough data, the AI determines the best target audience, making sure that brands get the returns they seek.

Additionally, Hulya Swim clearly showcased their unique selling proposition in the ads, by portraying it as a conscious brand where products are made from recycled materials. Through an appealing ad for potential customers and being powered by Nanos’ technology, they were able to reach exactly those customers interested in conscious shopping.

The campaign managed to be displayed 20.640 times during 2 weeks on Facebook and received 836 clicks, achieving a CTR of 4.05%. That’s a cost-per-click as little as 0.18$, far under the average of 0.70$ for retailers on Facebook.

On Instagram it performed equally well, getting 17.960 impressions and 347 clicks.


Nanos Case Study


Nanos Case Study


Case Study #2

Client or Product: Dunoon Mugs

Location: USA

Platforms: Facebook and Instagram

Investment: $35

Why Nanos Likes It: A good example of taking advantage of the right time to advertise


Nanos Case Study


Dunoon Mugs decided to use the holiday season to advertise their mugs. Holidays are usually the period when business is at its peak. Everyone wants the best gift for their loved ones. Taking advantage of digital advertising to create awareness and generate more sales in a period where people are more inclined to spend money is essential.

They offer customizable mugs which are nice and personalized presents. They decided to advertise on Facebook and Instagram by investing $35. The average CTR for the retail industry is already one of the highest, with 1,59%. With Nanos powerful technology for hyper targeting, they managed to attain a CTR of 3.42%!


Nanos Case Study


Case Study #3

Client or Product: La Perfumeria Online

Location: Colombia

Platforms: Facebook

Investment: $28

Why Nanos Likes It: Took advantage of Nanos’ hyper-targeting technology and used discounts to make the ad more appealing.

Nanos Case Study


La Perfumaria Online is an online perfume retail from Colombia. They placed an ad on Facebook to promote a discount of 70% on all of their products. They advertised for a total of 5 days and managed to achieve an outstanding CTR of 9.42%!

For their ad, they used Nanos’ ad text generator to find a short but catchy description for their ad. They also chose to let Nanos explore and define the best interests for their campaign, making sure that it targeted the right audience for them.

The ad was displayed 84,630 times and clicked on 7,970 times with a budget of $28.

Furthermore, the ad also generated a high level of engagement with 40 comments and 13 shares.


Nanos Case Study



Case Study #4

Client or Product: Teespring

Location: Multiple / Online 

Platforms: Facebook

Investment: €25

Why Nanos Likes It: Took advantage of Nanos’ hyper-targeting technology.



Sometimes controversial ads can generate a buzz and help to increase sales. In this case, one of our customers used the Coronavirus to sell t-shirts (not so uncommon apparently The ad sparked up a conversation online that included both positive and negative comments, however, the customer was able to achieve a 5.11% click-through-rate (CTR), and an impressive return on ad spend (ROAS) of 1200% with a single campaign. This underlines one of the core principles of the selling process, give customers something they want, at the right time and at the right price. With only €25 they were able to drive 894 clicks to their t-shirt landing page.



Our e-commerce and retail case studies show how versatile Nanos can be, levering previous data to optimize your campaign in the best way possible. Are you ready to start your campaign? Sign in to our desktop app and create your campaign for free. When you’ve finished, pick your budget and let Nanos do the rest!