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Nanos Restaurant Case Studies

Restaurant Case Studies

Restaurants are local businesses. They usually have a physical space to receive customers and a delivery option that may be geographically restricted.

Therefore location based targeting is an important aspect to consider when advertising your restaurant. Nanos is a great tool to target people in a certain area who are interested in specific cuisine and may be looking for a restaurant to dine in or order from. 

The following restaurants were able to profit from Nanos’ technology, by getting new customers. Once they created and launched their campaign in just a few steps, Nanos used previous data from similar restaurants to explore the best target audience, while it also used data from the specific campaigns to determine exactly who the potential clientele is. 

Nanos works effectively across countries and in multiple languages.


Let’s have a look at some restaurant case studies and how they were able to profit from Nanos’ technology: 


Case Study #1

Client or Product: Ebbw vale fish Bar

Location: UK 

Platforms: Facebook and Google

Investment: 29£

Why Nanos Likes It: Great use of a discount to make the ad even more appealing to customers.

Nanos Restaurant Case Studies Fish Bar


Ebbw vale fish bar decided to test Nanos by investing £22 to advertise on Facebook and Google. Nanos’ technology used data from previous campaigns from similar restaurants to optimize their target audience, interests and keywords. By offering a discount, they were able to make their ad more appealing to potential customers. And even though their advertising period was only two days, they were able to get significant results.

Their campaign was displayed to a total of 5,153 people on those two days, getting 381 clicks, with an impressive Click-Through-Rate of 6.17%, which is above the average of 2% for the hospitality industry.


Nanos Restaurants Case Studies


Case Study #2

Client or Product:Anand Indian Cuisine

Location: USA

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram

Investment: $160 (4 campaigns)

Why Nanos Likes It: Took advantage of consistency and used high-quality images to create an appealing ad.

Nanos Restaurant Case Studies Foodhub


Anand Indian Cuisine created and placed an ad on Nanos to advertise they’re now on Foodhub for delivery service. Offering delivery service is a great option for restaurants to get more customers. They placed an ad on Facebook and Instagram. Both highly visual platforms which enable them to deliver ads with enticing images of their food. In total, 4 campaigns over 2 months were run using Nanos.

All of their campaigns were able to be over the average Click-Through-Rate for their industry on Facebook.

Their ads on Instagram performed very well, with the second campaign having a CTR of 1.58% (the average for instagram is around 0,52%).

This was possible because Nanos matched the advertising to specific audiences based on data from previous campaigns, but also data leveraged from their own campaign. Anand Indian Cuisine took advantage of consistency in advertising by placing a campaign for a longer period of time. What does this mean? It means that the longer your campaign runtime is, the more data the technology is able to collect and use in favor of optimizing your campaign. Over time, the campaign is effectively shown to those who are willing to buy your product. This can be seen in the higher CTR in the second campaign, on both platforms.


Nanos Restaurants Case Studies





Case Study #3

Client or Product: Yanshi Oriental

Location: Brazil 

Platforms:Facebook, Instagram

Investment: $10

Why Nanos Likes It: Took advantage of Nanos’ hyper-targeting technology and used discounts to make the ad more appealing.


Nanos Restaurant Case Studies

Nanos Restaurant Case Studies


Yanshi Oriental didn’t have a website or a Facebook business page for their restaurant, but still wanted to use digital advertising to promote their food delivery. Nanos was able to make this possible. They created a simple landing page with our free tool, Huubsh. As they did not have a Facebook business page for advertising, we placed the ad via our Nanos page.

Even with an invested budget as small as 10USD, which equals one day of advertising on each of the platforms, they were able to get a total of 741 clicks. Their CPC was as little as 0.01 USD and managed to get a CTR of 4.02%. This example shows that people like a great deal. By offering a combo of different dishes, plus wine and dessert, they were able to make the ad more appealing to their audience.

Similar to the other restaurant case studies on this page, Nanos worked with previous campaign data to determine the best audience for them. Those who are interested in Asian restaurants, specifically Sushi, and targeted those with a compelling offer. A perfect combo indeed!

Nanos’ AI is able to leverage specific targeting parameters on Facebook, making it possible to hyper-target specific customers and audiences.


Nanos Restaurants Case Studies


Case Study #4

Client or Product: Umi & Chao

Location: Sweden

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram

Investment: €40

Why Nanos Likes It: Took advantage of Nanos’ hyper-targeting technology. 



Umi & Chao is an Asian fusion restaurant in Vällingby, a suburban district in the Greater Stockholm area of Sweden. Based on their website, it wasn’t clear that they were offering a variety of Asian mainstream Japanese, Thai and Chinese dishes. This made it difficult for the restaurant to generate new business without large amounts of investment in marketing.

Umi & Chao decided to place a small test ad campaign with Nanos. They started with 40 EUR and within 10 minutes, they were able to create a campaign which was then equally distributed across Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

The restaurant’s ad was optimized by Nanos AI and targeted to online audiences that were looking for or interested in what the restaurant offers: Sushi, Dim Sum, Steak/Seafood Salads, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai food. The ad also targeted specifically the Stockholm area.



Digital advertising is important to grow your business. Go over to the Nanos desktop App, sign up and start creating your campaign for free! Once you’re ready you can choose your budget and run the campaign. Out technology will optimize all important aspects of your campaign for you! Maybe your restaurant is presented next here in our Restaurant Case Studies.