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Lead Generation With Google Ads

Case Study: Lead Generation With Google Ads

One of our clients, a leader in the DACH region for electronic components, wanted to lower the cost of their lead generation process on the main lead acquisition channel they used: Google Search and Display ads. They had previously worked with an agency and had an average lead cost of 580€ per lead. 

Improving the lead generation process goes beyond just optimizing ads, as different factors can impact the results and cost of your campaign. This is why before placing any AI-powered campaign, we look at different aspects of the company’s online presence.

In our client’s case, we saw the need to improve their landing page first – in order to get better quality scores and loading times. Once we improved their landing page, we identified the best keywords to drive traffic to the ad and to the landing page.

The client’s main wish was to get qualified leads with very specific search terms. We used our technology to find a mix of broad generic keywords and long-tail keywords to create a balanced data set that was then refined using our automated “Keyword Explorer”.


Once the campaign was running, the AI managed to achieve a cost-per-verified lead of 126€, with an average ROAS of 40. This is how powerful Nanos can be for lead generation with Google Ads! 


How did we do that?

Since we can’t know what customers will be searching for on Google, matching keywords and search terms in Google Ads always requires some testing. As prospective customers are usually googling for answers to very specific questions, it’s important to try to predict and match those questions with our keywords and our ads. The conversion starts from the very first click, so the closer we are to the search terms, the better.


Was any human involved in the process?

Yes. Machines can’t learn from scratch and without human support. The very first input came from the client and from our computer science experts afterwards. The difference between Nanos AI and an agency is in the process. Our system analyzes data in real-time, finding the answers and testing without any human assistance. 


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