We believe that online advertisement should be accessible to everyone

All our team members have either friends or family that have a small local business and are constantly seeking new customers. Being tech-savvy, we were constantly being asked to build a website or to place ads on Facebook, Google and other platforms for them. At some point we received so many requests that it was just not possible to fulfill them all.

So, NANOS was born. We started with a simple prototype to support our friends, and it has grown into what you see here today. Even with a limited budget, small business owners from anywhere in the world can now have an online presence in just few seconds; without any special marketing knowledge.

Please let us know what we can improve in this beta-version. Help us spreading the word to those who want to grow their small business!

Meet the NANOS team

We are a Swiss startup, based in beautiful Zurich, composed of a dynamic and fast-growing team of machine learning specialists, engineers and designers. We work in close collaboration with the Computer Science Department of the Federal Institute of Technology/ETH in Zurich. Together, with experience and innovative ideas, we ensure that anyone can advertise online from now on!

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