Digital advertising is a superpower for businesses and we, the Nanos team, have decided to take up the role of lowering the entry barrier into the digital world for anyone – no need to have marketing or technical knowledge, design background or big budgets.

Nanos is a Swiss tech company with our R&D based in Zurich. We are very fortunate to have the support of research advisors, PhD and postgraduate students from the Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland, together with the funding of our European investors. Our repeat global customers have been our continuous inspiration and an enormous motivator to make online advertising accessible to absolutely anybody.

About Us

A few years ago, we, Nanos’ founders and former Disney Research tech talent, were frequently being asked by our family members and closest friends for hands-on assistance with online advertising. Those who needed our help were small business owners who were struggling with the process of creating and placing online ads.

From 2019, these friends and family members started to use Nanos’ early research prototypes, powered by machine learning technology, developed in-house. It turned out to be a practical solution to their problem! They were able to focus on managing their businesses, instead of worrying about whether their business was visible to the outside world.

Today, Nanos has a diverse international talent with a common vision: we believe that everyone should have a fair chance of promoting their business so that they have the opportunity to succeed. We work hard as a team every day to make this vision a reality for anyone who wants to be visible online and gain new customers. We are proud of what we do, and more importantly, we are proud to be a part of the success of our clients.

A word from Sasha Schriber, CEO @ Nanos

About us

Digital advertising is transforming the way we market ourselves, enabling us to reach more customers, more easily, more often, and ultimately creating more revenue.

But right now, not all businesses can take advantage of this transformation. That’s because until now, digital advertising has been complicated, time-consuming, and hard to measure. Our company is on a mission to change this.

We want to make digital advertising simple, quick, and cost-effective for all businesses. We plan to automate all processes in digital marketing that can be automated, and provide support for everyone who values their time and money – to be visible online at the lowest cost and effort possible!

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