What is Nanos white-label for Publishers:


A tool for short- or long-term online visibility for your clients through Google, Facebook or Instagram

Ad creation and placement by your sales teams:

  • At client’s location within 5-10 minutes
  • No special performance marketing knowledge from the client or the sales person required
  • A very simple onboarding for the internal sales teams to start selling on the same day

Timing and budget of the ad campaign are flexible: we suggest a minimum monthly ad budget at CHF 150/month, or a monthly subscription

The first ad text and designs can be automatically extracted directly from the clients’ website, with multiple other versions of the ad suggested by AI

Continuous ad optimization through AI ensures highest effectiveness for the client’s online visibilirt, no manual support required

Online and print reports are available

Clients can use a do-it-yourself version of your own branded platform for ads creation, placement and optimization

Clients get access to transparent reporting and can monitor their ad campaigns in real time

Why integrate Nanos white-label for Publishers:


Add Search and Social Media ads service in addition to your existing advertising properties: under your own brand

Save on internal performance marketers team or external agency services for ad creation, placement and optimization on Google, Facebook and Instagram

Empower your sales teams with an easy, hands-on tool to show ads to your clients and modify them before publishing

Get access to royalty-free content for ads creation and save on graphic design services

Provide your most active and digitally native clients access to your own branded self-service ad platform, with a minimal onboarding effort

Nanos AI White Label


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