Nanos is an all-in-one interface for buying paid media on Google Facebook and Instagram.

Using Nanos AI for Agencies is simpler than ever!

AI for online marketing is one of the fastest research areas. Many agencies are already taking advantage of Nanos AI technology so that they can serve a larger number of clients with lower cost in time and effort. 

Nanos AI technology can help you with the processes of ad creation, placement, and optimization. With Nanos AI for Agencies, you can optimize your clients’ budgets and your own costs on managing the overhead expenses for ad campaign design, text, placement, and cross-platform, keywords and interests optimization, and reporting. 

It’s simple, you only need to plan your strategy with the client, place ads through Nanos, print out reports, and add your logo and fee to the invoice! 

So many clients need your advice in strategizing how to help their business grow, but not all of them can afford big online advertising budgets.

By using Nanos, you can lower your costs by up to 80% and provide your clients with more attractive pricing than any of your competitors!

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Nanos AI for Agencies

Benefits of Nanos AI For Agencies:

  • Ad Design
  • Ad Text
  • Ad adjustments for 3 platforms
  • Automated creation of keywords and interests 
  • Continuous optimization of keywords and interests
  • Continuous cross-platform optimization
  • Step-by-step visualization of AI work-in-progress
  • Automated reporting for your clients

Our tool is also available as a white label solution or APIs!

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