The Click-through-rate (CTR) is an index that demonstrates the match between our creative and our audience. A higher value states that the ad is reaching an interested audience, a lower value means the opposite.

Our AI finds the best audience for your ad, but there are some intrinsic creative actors that might influence the CTR:

  1. Type of media. There’s no rule that states that a creative type is better than another. That being said, video has proven to be better in catching the user’s attention, but only if they provide value within the very first seconds. Important rule: Start with a creative type and if the performance is not good, switch to another type. Our suggestion is to respect this priority order:
    • a. Video
    • b. Single Image
    • c. Carousel

    Nanos Troubleshooting CTR

  2. Content value. Instagram and Facebook are, needless to say, extremely crowded, meaning that your ad will compete with a lot of very good content. If you’re opting for an image, use a picture that is eye-catching. Avoid stock images and be original in the photos you choose. Remember: the image is the gate to your offer. When your customers don’t know you yet, they are more prone to click on your ad if the content is visually appealing.
    And what about the text?

    If you have an offer, state it clearly, don’t use too many words. If your product solves a problem, mention it immediately.

    Create anticipation and make your customers curious about what you have to offer if they click on the ad (without deceiving them, of course).

  3. Use user generated content. If you have testimonials, such as videos of real customers showing your product or saying positive things about it, use them. Don’t make them up with stock images that never works.

Act now:


CASE 1: You’re using an image but it’s not working → Try with a video if you have one, or change the image through the panel.

Nanos Troubleshooting CTR

CASE 2: You’re using a video but it’s not working → Replace the video with another video, or with an image.

Nanos Troubleshooting CTR

IMPORTANT: Always test only one thing at a time. If you change the image/video, don’t change the text at the same time, and vice versa.