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Boosting Revenues with AI Technology

Boosting Revenues With AI Technology

AI adoption is ramping up quickly with an estimated global retail spend of $7.3 billion per year by 2022, according to Juniper Research. The presence of AI technology in the retail industry goes beyond providing the link between online and offline connections among the customers but assists in personalizing the complete shopping experience.

How does AI marketing give you added leverage?

How Does AI Marketing Give You Added Leverage?

In the digital marketing world, AI is somewhat different. It’s used to bridge the gap between analytics and how strategies are used and executed. As a matter of fact, 72 percent of marketers interviewed in a PwC study considered AI as a “business advantage”. In the process, the most advanced AI systems actually learned to improve their predictions, recommendations, and decisions as they made more.

What Is a Tech Company?

As a CEO of a tech startup, I receive a lot of introductions from other startup companies, who also claim to be in tech. In my own humble opinion, if your company is building apps, or provide software engineers nearshore, it will not qualify you to be called a technology company. If it’s pure software…

marketing is not science

Marketing Is Not Science

Online Marketing Can Be Confusing Understanding how online marketing really works could take years. However, it could also be very successful at first try, should all the right ingredients of the secret sauce happen to work in a perfect harmony. There are plenty of examples of successful marketing campaigns, worldwide. Still, if you were to…